About Tamara

Tamara became an Education Activist 22 years ago when she discovered the biased teachings her children were receiving in their public school district. She took it upon herself to supplement their education with balanced and accurate material while incorporating incredible summer courses. Tamara’s son Andrew graduated from the University of Michigan a few years ago with a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering.  Her daughter Kaleigh graduated from the University of Michigan’s Honors College a couple years ago with a degree in Neuroscience. 

Her local advocacy to stop biased teachings and to return truth and excellence to academics in local public schools included:   

  • Northville school district – In school volunteer for 16 years; worked with educators to ensure the curriculum was excellent and proper. Worked with school leadership to rid the schools of several inaccurate and inappropriate books.   K-12 students must be presented with accurate materials that are developmentally appropriate.
  • Plymouth-Canton school district – Worked with parents and students there to eliminate biased history books and other supplemental materials.
  • Became a speaker and mentor to parents in districts across Michigan.  She helps them get their children’s academic needs met and rid the schools of inaccurate and inappropriate materials.
Her expertise continued to grow as she worked on state level issues, such as:
  • She fought Common Core for years, published articles about it and spoke about it all over the state.  As she was warning parents that Common Core would destroy academic results in Michigan, increase data collection on our children, bring in more leftist indoctrination, etc. she co-authored a bill to get Michigan out of Common Core.  It was voted “best in nation” bill by national conservative education experts.  We still have Common Core in Michigan despite Tamara getting thousands of people to complain about it and testify against it in Lansing for two years.  The academic results of our students have tanked across the board, our children are being data mined and indoctrinated, just as Tamara warned.  She has great discernment and that is what we need on the Board; not people that use our children as guinea pigs and listen to special interests.
  • Tamara went on to fight, for five years, the social studies and science standards that came next.  They were not called Common Core, because that name was toxic by then, but they most certainly are Common Core aligned, complete with the data tags, poor quality, etc.  They passed despite Tamara getting thousands of Michigan citizens to tell Lansing NO!  They too have proven to tank academic performance in Michigan.  The list is long in terms of what is bad about these “standards” but, top level, the science standards teach some theory as fact, are short on facts and they have gotten rid of the scientific method.  Unreal!  The social studies “standards” are full of social justice and false information about America and her history.
  • Tamara goes around the state and teaches people about what is going wrong in our schools, what people can do about it and how to run for local school board.  She also teaches on Critical Race Theory.
Tamara is now a national, state and local education expert and activist with 22 solid years of experience.  She knows more about education than those with degrees in the field that call themselves “the experts”.  The experts are giving us failure and worse and Tamara wants to step in to help the children, the state and the country.  Here is some of her involvement at the national level:
  • She is a member of United States Parents involved in Education, and a founding board member of the Michigan Chapter: MI PIE.  That organization has published a blueprint to get our nation out from under the US Department of Education.  This unconstitutional federal department has spent trillions of our hard-earned dollars and has given us worse results in education in America.
  • Edited & endorsed “Changing the Course of Failure: How Schools & Parents Can Help Low-Achieving Students” authored by Dr. Sandra Stotsky – national education expert, developer of MA miracle standards, & former member of the MA Department of Education.
  • She is an active member of the national network of education experts, Truth in American Education.  She created a Critical Race Theory sub-group in this network.  TAE members communicate daily about what is going on in education across America, and they work to improve education nationally and in each state.  Tamara has relationships with the best conservative minds in education in America in this group, which is an excellent resource for her work.

My Mission

As a principled patriot with a proven passion for educating and for education, Tamara has been called to use her extensive expertise in education to get our schools back to providing a truthful and excellent education for every child.  As a Daughter of the American Revolution, a cousin of a former U.S. Border Patrol Chief, a Mom and a citizen of our great country, Tamara will be a servant leader in this capacity to reclaim our great nation from the grips of progressivism.


Education & Career


University of Michigan – Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting Major

As a Corporate CPA, Business Owner, & Process Improvement Expert of 32 years, Tamara has helped many companies with business plans, administration, accounting, finance, taxes, security, controls, project management & making the systems, processes & procedures the best they can be.  She has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of many large corporations, saved them millions of dollars, implemented several computer systems, and owns her own consulting business. 

Political & Volunteer

Michigan republican party coalitions vice chair

1 year

Michigan Election Integrity Network Founder

1 year

MI Conservative Union Treasurer and former MI Conservative Coalition Treasurer

1 year

Have organized, spoke, and volunteered at many political Conferences

14 years


3 terms

Former Sponsor of the Republican Club at Northville High School

6 years

Former Sponsor of Northville High School Young American’s for Freedom Chapter

4 years

Michigan Woman for Trump Leadership

2 years

Hard working Republican as National (2016), State & Local Delegate

14 years

  • Completed over 1,000 hours of service over the last 22 years, including raising & donating over $100,000 to help abused children & girls rescued from sex trafficking. The fundraiser involved Tamara teaching about 400 volunteers each year, mostly high school students, for 6 years how to run a not-for-profit gift-wrapping business in the mall.
  • Served Plymouth Women’s Bible Study Fellowship as Treasurer – 3 years.
  • Volunteer Financial Coach & Teaching Leader at NorthRidge Church ~8 years.
  • Certified Therapy Dog Team with Samoyed Luna – 5 years.  Volunteers at schools, hospitals & nursing homes. Tamara especially enjoys working with K-12 special needs students, the mentally ill, and UM students experiencing exam stress.  http://www.therapaws.org/
  • Former longest running Chair of the AICPA Controllers Conference, 6 years, due to her innate ability to educate and to come up with innovative courses of great interest.  At these conferences Tamara was an educator in the fields of positive leadership, ethics, law, emotional intelligence, & corporate & career planning & strategy.
  • Former member on a Board of Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan, as well as an award-winning Administrative Leader & Troop Leader for 12 years.
  • US Constitution Bee organizer.
  • Tamara has successfully educated people of all ages, abilities, and income levels.  She has special skills with gifted and twice exceptional students. 
    She has served as a volunteer tutor in Detroit and Flint.


Tamara’s personality is consistent as the Bible is her guide.  She is diplomatic and leads with love and compassion and sees value in every single person.  She will try to find the gold in you even when you are not at your best.  This is extremely important in education and for children in general.  She has both a high intellectual and emotional intelligence.  This makes her a great Process Improvement Expert as she identifies problems and gathers all relevant data to come to the best solution.  She is a great listener.  Beyond that she is a Bold Leader and will not sit idle as things that have a negative impact on our children happen.  

​As a Daughter of the American Revolution (DAR), with 7 relatives that served, Tamara bleeds red, white, and blue. Education advocacy is a calling for her.  She strongly feels education activism is a fight for the heart & soul of our country. With Tamara’s extensive knowledge about education, gained from 22 years of daily education advocacy work, she has the knowledge needed to get MI schools back on track.  Her career achievements will also be extremely beneficial to the State of Michigan Board of Education

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