My Plan

This is what I propose

How to Return Truth and Excellence to Education for Every Child

Common Core
  • Ban Common Core, NGSS and C3 and replace with the proven best standards.


Indoctrination and CRT

  • Stop the Leftist, Marxist, Communist indoctrination and return academic and intellectual integrity to our schools.



  • Explicit Phonics education for every child in every grade until all children can read.


Higher Academics

  • Higher academics using proven educational methods based on proper child development. Classical education including America’s Founding; classical literature; explicit phonics; scientific method & fact-based science including chemistry & physics with theory presented as such, efficient & effective math teaching foundation then building blocks.


Local Control and Parental Rights

  • Return local control and parental rights to our schools.


Vaccination Mandates

  • Prevent invasive and unconstitutional vaccination mandates.


Education Mandates

  • Stop LGBT educational mandates and boys in girls’ sports.


Mask Mandates

  • The science is just not there and the Covid statistics for children aren’t either.  We can and must do way better by our children.


Intellectual Development
  • Stop teaching to tests and return the love of learning. Make sure every child’s intellectual development comes first.


Merit-Based Pay

  • Increase entrance & graduation requirements for Teachers & provide merit-based pay so, our children get the best in their classrooms.


Remove Bureaucracy

  • Remove unnecessary bureaucratic and administrative positions to save taxpayer money.


Stop the Systemic Discrimination

  • Stop the systemic discrimination against Conservative Professors, Teachers and Students at our schools and colleges.


Home School Freedom

  • Protect home school freedom.



  • Make sure the personally identifiable Information of children is protected and our children are never data mined.


Respect and Discipline

  • Return respect and discipline to the classroom.


Educational Resources

  • Make sure all books in front of our students are factually accurate, and free of smut and bias.  Stop pushing liberal news like CNN in our classrooms, and movies to pass time, AND do not allow special interests to provide propaganda materials to our schools.


Increase accountability of state education policy leaders.


Draft resolution that will hold SBE members accountable or they won’t run again.


Smarter use of educational dollars; make sure every penny is spent wisely.

FED Funding

Discuss with the SBE how to supplement the 10% of funding from federal dollars so they can CUT the HURTFUL STRINGS that come with it.

Make MI Schools Great Again!


During COVID-19, children’s rights are under attack like never before. Tamara will speak out and push back against any unnecessary plans that do not put children first.  Our children deserve the best we can offer them, and an excellent education is critical for every child. We can have a safe and healthy environment while also fulfilling this essential role.

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