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A Principled Patriot With a Proven Passion for Education
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Some Of The Hurdles We Face In Our Education System.


Our children are being indoctrinated by politically charged "standards" and liberal activists in the classroom.

Common Core

Common Core has been an abomination to our children. Student achievement is plummeting.

Privacy Violations

Children are being treated like guinea pigs due to provisions of Common Core and the changing of three definitions in FERPA.

Rejection of Christian Values

Our public-school system regularly subjects children to smut. Tamara fought this many times during her children's K-12 careers.

About Tamara

Tamara’s personality is consistent as the Bible is her guide.  She is diplomatic and leads with love and compassion and sees value in every single person.  She will try to find the gold in you even when you are not at your best.  This is extremely important in education and for children in general.  She has both a high intellectual and emotional intelligence.

Why Choose Me?

Education Expert

Tamara has been an activist in education every day for 22 years at the national, state and local levels.

Truth in American Education

National network member for 8 years. Has relationships with the greatest conservative minds in education in America.

Stop Common Core in Michigan

Vice President for 8 years. Co-authored HB 4192. Best in nation bill to get MI out of CC and into proven best standards.

Career and Education

Tamara is a CPA and Process improvement Expert that has successfully advised boards of major organizations how to be more efficient and effective for over 30 years. She has a degree in business administration from the University of Michigan.

Get Involved!

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